Raising Children With Confidence

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Are You A Parent or Carer of 0 to 11 year old?

We all want our children to grow up happy, confident, secure and able to cope with life’s challenges. Some children manage this better than others.

Have You Ever Wondered Why That Is?

We’re offering the chance to find out more through a 7 week course which aims to give parents and carers the chance to explore emotional well-being and how best to promote it in ourselves and our children.

What Is The Raising Children with Confidence Course?

It draws on the latest findings and research in this field and covers the following topics:

Can The Course Help Me and My Family?

Over 1200 parents and carers across Edinburgh have already attended the course and 98% found it a valuable and enjoyable experience.

When and Where Is The Course Held?

How Do I Register?

 The course is free.  To register please call Dr Bell’s Family Centre on 01315530100

Can I Bring My Child?

The class is for parents/carers only but there are a limited number of creche spaces available so please let us know if you require a creche space when you call to register.

Download The Raising Children With Confidence Leaflet

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Promoting Emotional Health and Well Being

Updated 4th September 2018