Cook School

Dr Bell’s Cook School gives you the opportunity to learn to cook delicious, cheap, healthy meals for your family in a relaxed and friendly environment. Would you like to…

  • Learn more cooking skills?
  • Gain confidence, skills and experience?
  • Cook a different variety of foods?
  • Cook healthier food?
  • Cook a meal for four people for under £6?
  • Have fun and make friends?
  • Do it all for FREE in your local community?

You’ll create economical, nutritious meals for your whole family to enjoy. Classes take place in our wonderful teaching kitchen, located at Stanwell Nursery School, which was opened in 2011 by local Michelin starred chef, Martin Wishart.

Cookery courses start regularly and run for 2 hours per week. Crèche spaces are available if needed, and are provided free for parents/carers attending cooking classes.

To find out more call 0131 553 0100 or email